A bit about us

We are Nate and Nick, real-life brothers and game-industry veterans who have worked at places like Xbox and PopCap Games. We've been playing games together ever since we pooled our allowance funds together to purchase our first NES game. We've changed a lot since then, but games have remained a constant in our lives.

Game Pad Ink is our weekly webcomic in which we review the games we're playing. Each comic is paired with gameplay videos, as well as a podcast companion in which we discuss our thoughts and experiences in more detail. Sometimes we like the game and sometimes we don't, but we always enjoy capturing and exploring the more light-hearted side of our favorite hobby.

We are also fan-supported! Our patrons help pick what games we play, get a bunch of behind-the-scenes content, and cool rewards!

Outside of gaming, we are both runners, dog owners, Geminis, Seattleites, and fans of Sounders FC and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Our ratings system

We rate games on a five-point system for simplicity's sake, but also because opinions aren't a science, yo. We care about things like graphics and audio, but are more concerned with whether a game offers a unique experience worth your time and money.

  • 1

    Avoid it

    These games are either broken, have fatal flaws, or are simply un-fun. Avoid at all costs.

  • 2

    Ignore it

    While not always bad, these games may just fail to set themselves apart from superior competitors.

  • 3

    Consider it

    Maybe these games have a solid core. Maybe they have some issues. Maybe they're worth a look-see.

  • 4

    Play it

    Well designed, enjoyable, and polished games that succeed despite some minor concerns.

  • 5

    Love it

    These games are expertly crafted, offer truly innovative experiences, or are just too danged fun.

Frequently asked questions

When does Game Pad Ink update?
We update our site with a new review every Wednesday — that’s a new comic, video, and podcast every week! Patrons have access to more frequent updates via our Patreon feed, live streams, our Discord chat and other channels.

How do I get my (favorite) game reviewed?
If you want us to cover a specific game, the easiest way is to become a patron and participate in the monthly vote. Alternatively, you can learn hypnosis and attempt to persuade us on Twitter or Facebook.

Is it Game Pad Ink? Or Gamepad Ink? Or Gamepad, Inc.?
It’s “Game Pad Ink.” We think this name best describes our process (Play, Write, Draw), as well as grounds us in both the gaming and comic spaces. Plus, if we ever decide to pivot and start manufacturing gamepads, we’re set!

Who created your theme music?
We absolutely adore our podcast and video theme music, be it the intro, outro, or other random bits, but we had nothing to do with it. These are courtesy of Night Tapes.

Your name is familiar. Did you … ?
No. Our Nick Robinson never worked at Polygon. And our Nate Robinson hasn’t played in the NBA. Yet.

Which of you is objectively the better brother?
Nate, as determined by rigorous scientific research and peer-reviewed studies. Also, because he had to update this About page most recently.